Song of India

Singapore's Best Restaurants range from the many fine eateries to be found in hotels, to those which tend towards a more avant-garde gastronomy, but few of them manage to reach the uniqueness and culinary heights of The Song of India. This wonderful place has only been open for a short time and has already shot through the ranks to become one of the Best Restaurants in Singapore, if not one of the finest Indian eateries in Asia.
Enjoying a luxurious location near the famed Orchard Road district of the main island, The Song of India takes a proud stand from a beautifully restored black and white heritage bungalow. The bungalow has more than a smattering of old colonial charm about it, a charm which is nurtured by the barely-tamed tropical vegetation which surrounds it. Coupled with the inviting teak pillars and pervasive elegance of the main and private dining rooms, it is clear from the first impression that every sense is in for a special treat.
With what seems like an effortless wave, the traditional style and trappings of an Indian eatery have been relegated to another time and place. The clich├ęs of gilded artefacts and imposing iconography have been swept aside for a stylish invocation of the height of elegant grandeur. 

Christofle silverware and Riedel Sommelier crystal wine glasses are just two of the elements which work with the layered richness of the bungalow and the crisp white linen to develop the impression that this is dining fit for a Maharaja, one whose eye for style is of a contemporary sophistication. It is the word 'contemporary' which is vital to understanding The Song of India.
Like the beautifully rendered artworks of India's contemporary artists, which find their perfect spaces on the walls, the menu is all about taking from specific regional cooking techniques and traditions and revising them for a discerning modern gourmet.
Like those artworks which are both contemporary and distinctly Indian, there is never a doubt that what you are tasting is authentically Indian, even if every mouthful alludes to the imaginative vision of the culinary team. Master Chef Milind Sovani is the man responsible for what is now considered the finest Indian menu among all the Best Restaurants in Singapore.
His culinary vision has been widely recognized and has earned him a prestigious Hospitality Asia Platinum Award as the Best Asian Cuisine Chef in 2007, just one of the many accolades and awards which The Song of India has garnered since opening. 

Awards may promise a standard and lend their prestige to a kitchen and eatery, but they are never a substitute for experiencing a place firsthand. 

To this end, The Song of India lays a feast of choices before you, tempting you from brunch to dinner with a la carte and set menus. The set menus are not merely an exercise in enticement, but a well considered symphony of harmonious flavors designed to take you on a magical journey. 

Singapore's Best Restaurants are generally au fait with the demanding lifestyles of the country's business guests. Those who might have to demure from a leisurely dinner at The Song of India, can simply collaborate with colleagues and meet for a power brunch, an excellent way to enjoy the clean flavors of Chef Milind's unique regional revisions.


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