Peach Garden

As most savvy travellers and knowledgeable gourmets known, Singapore is one the globe’s most revered fine dining destinations, supplying the best cuisine from around the world as a matter of routine. It’s probably fair to say that great food is more than a national pastime; it is part of the island-nation’s identity.
Whatever taste and whim dictates, you’ll find it in Singapore, from haute cuisine to local specialities. And there’s no doubt that you’ll find any number of establishments specializing in Asian cookery, but few, if any, have managed to reach the kind of heights that Peach Garden @ 33 seems ever so comfortable inhabiting.
Rather than bringing a hotel kind of experience to their valued diners, they seem to have jettisoned the impersonal and kept all the best bits of their collective knowledge. Peach Garden @ 33 is obviously a result of a passion for people, food and good living. This is made evident the moment you arrive in any of the restaurants, where you’re quickly made to feel welcome. Personal service is high on the list of qualities which have landed the trio of restaurants on many coveted lists for fine dining, including being awarded top spots in Singapore Tatler and Wine and Dine Magazine. 
Angela Ho and Veronica Tan’s approach is very hands-on. If you haven’t been warmly welcomed and seated by either one personally, it’s because they’re at one of the other branches and will be around soon to make sure that all is well, that diners are happily awaiting their next course from the magnificent menu of traditional and modern Cantonese delicacies. This rare sense that each diner is important simply because they have a passion for exceptional food is all the more charming for its contrast with the typically chic and elegant dining rooms. 


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