The relatively new Biopolis neighborhood is associated with science and research and, despite its many attractions, had been rather bereft of exceptional eateries until Infuzi opened its lustrous doors. There is no small amount of irony that it takes an eatery which alludes to the careful, near scientific art of 'infusion' to breathe life into the area.

This notion of art meeting science couldn't be more apt for the dining experience at Infuzi. At once elegant and modern, while creating the perfect environment in which to celebrate great food, the moment you find yourself in the light-infused interior, it's perfectly clear that this is a place which commands the senses. Chic and stylish, the shimmering glass walls bring a gently diffused brightness to the meal, especially at lunch. Dinner offers its own auric glow. Set beneath high ceilings and against woods and elegant contemporary chairs, diners will find their need for style amply fed. If it is true that you first eat with the eyes, then to take a table at Infuzi is already to have begun the meal. Although it would be a shame, and altogether silly, to sit down without ordering from Chef Freddie Lee's marvelous menu.

As the glowing, contemporary chic may suggest, the food can be broadly classified as Modern European. Many restaurants find this a useful banner under which to set about creating their menus, but at Infuzi this is a general guideline. Chef Freddie Lee, the resident culinary wizard, brings his specific vision of mouth-watering flavors to those who expect a meal marked out by nothing less than a genius for balance and nuance. You can expect flavors and influences to come from France and Italy, and touches from Asia. Dishes which require finesse and achieve their full effect through combing ingredients stand comfortably aside those which add the fewest details in order to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. And the menu reads like a prayer book of great ingredients. Whether you're partial to the superior marbling and melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness of Australian Wagyu Beef, or look to the ocean for your tasty treasures, they are there and proud. Well, they would be if they knew who was cooking them.

Rather than clutter the menu with too many choices and detract from the focus of preparing each dish to perfection, Chef Freddie Lee has opted to supply diners with a set menu and a select number of à la carte dishes. The lunch set menu is a finely tuned affair with a few options. Perhaps Mushroom Timbale with Arugula Salad will prove the ideal opener, and certainly a fine indicator of the deliciousness to follow. A main of Pan-Fried Salmon with a delicate Herb and Cream Sauce will satisfy any craving for saline sumptuousness while the Lavender-Lemon Cake is bound to strike the magical note that leaves you both satisfied and inspired.
Lunch, dinner, set menu or favorite dish, no diner will enjoy their meal without first taking a moment to marvel at the imaginative presentation of the food. From the contrasts of hearty game and meat with earthy accompaniments and miraculous sauces, to the playful swirls and angelic colors of the desserts, the presentation is an able indicator of the care with which each dish has been crafted.
For the serious gourmand, if there is any other kind, a lunch may simply be an inducement to that staple of ardent eaters everywhere, the languid, luxurious dinner. A chef of many faces, Freddie Lee has created a dinner menu which suits the golden hue of Infuzi at night. The dinner set menu offers magnificent treasures, from the likes of Vegetable Risotto with Pan-Roasted Spatch-Cock and Black Truffle Sauce to the robust magic of similarly roasted Rack of Lamb with Bell Peppers and Parma Ham Compote, not to forget the Pink Peppercorn Oil that binds it together.
The set menus offer a carefully considered journey through flavors, each course developing on the last, but they are not the only way to experience the delights from this very special kitchen. For many restaurants, the à la carte menu is often a token, supplying little more than a selection of dishes from the set menus. At Infuzi, there is a whole other taste adventure to be found à la carte. Pan-Roasted Challans Duck Breast with Black Truffle Sauce being just one of the tempting offerings that have earned Infuzi such praise. Indeed, this haven of toothsome delights has not only earned praise from its savvy, loyal diners, but won many awards. In the process landing itself at the top of some of the world's most prestigious lists.
Of course, as any knowledgeable diner knows, food and design are great companions, but by no means the only considerations for a fine dining establishment in a highly competitive market. A good wine list is a must and at Infuzi both casual drinkers and worldly oenophiles will find a well considered selection, offering excellent wines from around the world, with a particular focus on Burgundy and Bordeaux. In short there are wines loved and prized and those unexpected gems which, like the food, are sure to amuse while they're busy developing the depth of flavor in the food.
All of these qualities might be enough for even the most fastidious foodie, but only when bringing Infuzi's excellent service to the table, so to speak, is the infusion complete. If you have a special event, Infuzi will even arrange all the details for you. Whether it be flowers and table decorations or a special menu with paired wines, the spirit of Infuzi is to make sure that every valued diner gets to experience modern European cuisine in the most salubrious way.


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