il Lido

Those who live or have visited Singapore will undoubtedly have heard of il Lido. Located within the grounds of Sentosa Golf Club, it does take a small trip to get there, but those who make the effort are always rewarded.
Voted by Time Out Singapore as the restaurant offering the best meal with a view, it is perhaps not unfair to say that this chic and stylish modern Italian eatery is very special indeed; a long list of varied awards attest to the marvelous cuisine, superb hospitality, great design and a wine list which puts many other fine dining establishments to shame.

Boasting a beautifully conceived dining room, a stylish contemporary lounge bar and the famed deck, it's clear that managing director Beppe De Vito wants diners to shed the pressures of the distant world and relax into a leisurely experience which offers as many stages as it's possible to imagine. Aside from the marvelous green vista of the golf course, the deck supplies spectacular panoramic views of the South China Sea. With the profusion of fresh seafood dishes, the salty breeze does wonders to whet the palate.
Although being infused with a marine-tinged sophistication, there is a real feeling of family warmth that suffuses il Lido. From the moment you arrive to the final bite of the perfectly judged sweet morsel, it's plainly clear that il Lido is the product of those passionate about people and food.
Heading up the extraordinary kitchen is Executive Chef Giuliano Dacasto, whose culinary vision celebrates the heritage of Italian cooking while adding nuances here and there that place the cuisine firmly in a contemporary realm; which is not to say that fresh aromas, delightful textures and splendid ingredients are not observed in the tradition of an Italian kitchen mamma, simply that Chef Dacasto and his formidable team have brought their considerable experience to the table, literally, to supply nuances when they really work and improve on tradition. 

You can expect a variety of beautiful pastas and risottos, just as there is a world of choice for meat, fish and poultry lovers. The menu boasts 11 sections in all, supplying choices from the lovely salads they do so well and those ever tempting artisanal cheeses that perfectly round off a languid meal. 

Whether enjoying a postprandial glass of wine from the award-winning list, or you've just arrived to begin a night of great pleasures, try and catch the sunset. If there is view which can prepare the senses for a night of pleasures and good living, it is a sunset as experienced from il Lido's deck. Those looking to trump the remarkable charms of their last meal might consider booking the restaurant's very own private yacht.
With full catering for up to twelve and canapé-style tasters for up to 16 seafaring sybarites, the il Lido luxury catamaran is the height of maritime sophistication, and you get to eat all those delightful goodies too.


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