Award-winning jet-setter and visionary, Yenn Wong, is a woman who has brought Singapore some of its most exciting and enticing restaurants. Hers is a vision which transcends common notions of fine dining, yet is informed by a traditional celebration of people, environment and the marvellous food which has always been a part of pleasurable living.

Her Graze restaurant in Rochester Park has been receiving awards and praise since opening its doors, and now, Kha, her latest restaurant, has established Ms. Wong as something of a conceptual culinary genius.

Located in the midst of HortPark, Singapore's green and leafy demi-paradise, Kha supplies modern iterations of authentic Thai cuisine. This is not Thai cuisine as you know it, rather, like the venue itself, it is cuisine defined by contrasts and innovation, all the while supplying the elusive element of unpretentious culinary sophistication. A sophistication which comes not only from creativity, but from a miraculous balancing of fresh and often contrasting flavours; a quality which is now something of a Kha trademark.

Like the food itself, the eatery is realized through contrasts between the modern and the old. You can expect a wonderful fusion of woods, both rustic and glossy, while the surrounding greenery makes itself known through generous floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows which gaze onto the lovely deck, a much coveted place for an al fresco meal.

Add into this mix of warm design and tropical verdancy, the sense of leisure that the venue invites and the stage is set for a relaxed meal. And the food certainly invites you take your time, sit back with a glass of wine, perhaps one of the playful and ever delicious signature 'mocktails', and wait for the next spicy delight to arrive from the remarkably talented kitchen.

Having worked in Phuket, among other places, executive chef, Matthew Lawdorn, brought his passion and skill with Thai and Asian food to Singapore. An award-winning chef, the menus at Kha are his creation. They display a flair for invention and playfulness. Along with his expert team of Thai chefs, each a master in their own right, the kitchen is a veritable magician's cauldron of fresh, spicy delights.

Tangy salads with the finest succulent fish are lifted into lofty lightness by delicate Asian touches and just the right balance of citrus, while the moreish magnificence of crab and prawn cakes with green mango salad, yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce is undeniable. Maybe the best way to experience the varied delights of Kha's seemingly endless supply of fresh produce and creative brilliance, it to opt for one of the set menus. Of course, you can always just order a plate of tasters while you spend sometime in the lush garden.

Like a beautifully composed piece of music, Kha is journey through pleasures. It offers that rare delight of being a place which doesn't rush you, which allows you to engage the environment and give over to the bursting flavours on the menu. The charm of the venue is all the more special when it becomes plainly clear that it's one with the passion for good living that drives the


Vanken on December 12, 2011 at 5:32 PM said...

very clean n nice place..

Dedeh Ferly on December 21, 2011 at 7:46 AM said...

kunjungn pagi

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