The best Singapore restaurants have among their number a few specializing in Chinese fine dining, but of these few manage to reach the imperial heights of Jade. Located on the first floor of the tasteful and luxurious Fullerton Hotel, Jade offers the most pleasurable of dining experiences

The refined, elegant interior design conjures a feeling of regal elegance from a gilded age. There is sense of the 1920s deriving from the rich materials, sumptuous lines and alluring hues. Black lacquered chairs of elegant design surround crisp white linen tables clothes while curved room dividers attempt to reach the high ceilings. Add warming tones of cream, gold and burnt orange and it's easy to imagine you've arrived at Shanghai's most cosmopolitan eatery, as it might have been before the 40s

While there is a kind of giddy pleasure in being transported to a different age of finer things, the best Singapore restaurants could hardly deserve their title if the milieu alone was the only measure of their excellence. The small island nation is, after all, one of the world's premier culinary destinations, filled with great chefs and the savvy gourmets who come to sample the infinite delights that the main island has in plentiful supply.
To earn a place on the list of the finest restaurants is no mean feat. Style and design are certainly part of the package, but it is really the quality of the food which elevates an eatery into this lofty category.
At Jade, diners can expect the kind of perfectly prepared morsels and dishes which speak to a bygone era of majestic luxury and endless pleasures, which is not say that the cuisine hasn't been treated to a touch of contemporary revision. A sampling of Foie Gras, or even a chocolate-infused chicken dish, might very well find its way to your table.
The formidable kitchen is under the command of Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng. He and his exemplary team have won awards for their efforts, in the process securing Jade a spot at the top of the list. Specializing in regional Chinese delicacies, with an emphasis on contemporary revisions of classic Cantonese dishes, Chef Leong Chee Yeng oversees an extensive menu of magical delights. Jade's Dim Sum are widely recognized as one of the most desirable culinary treats in the country. They are in such demand that Saturday and Sunday lunches have been given over to a Dim Sum buffet.
Gourmets who seek to sample the broad array of these immaculately crafted morsels, each realized like a small work of art, will delight at the 52 varieties of Dim Sum. The learned dim sum addict will know that there are far more to these little marvels than the steamed and fried dumplings which are often thought to suffice. At Jade you'll find dumplings, naturally, but you'll also find such rare delicacies as Double-Boiled Soup of Winter Melon with Bamboo Mushrooms and Taro Paste wrapped with Truffle.
If you're are a fan of dumplings, then you couldn't chance upon a better selection than the one at Jade. You'll find such tempting savors as Crystal Crab Meat and Crispy Prawn, each delicately crafted into a unique parcel of perfect presentation and moreish flavor.
Dim Sum may be the very thing to convince a diner of Jade's status as one of the Best Singapore Restaurants, but it is by no means the only offering on the menu. From delicious soups to rare Cantonese dishes which can only be created by a kitchen who have mastered their art, there is something to redefine your perception of Chinese fine dining. Perhaps the most prestigious and widely celebrated of all Chinese delicacies is the Peking Duck.
To reward the appetites of diners who are attuned to the untold magic of this near mystical meal, Jade offers a Pecking Duck Extravaganza. A full seven-course affair, each utilizing the finest duck in different ways, it is journey from beginning to end, one which is to be anticipated with relish.
From the decadent pleasures of Roasted Duck Skin with Marinated Orange Peel to Sautéed Carved Peking Duck with Pan Seared Foie Gras, you'll be able to enjoy contemporary iterations of a time-honored feast of imperial proportions. But you don't have venture down the seven-course path to enjoy Peking duck. Like pork and fish, you'll find it in many dishes. Duck Skin and Suckling Pig Skin are a marvelous way to start any meal, and are fortunately readily available.
The best Singapore Restaurants are known for their exceptional wine lists, and Jade is no exception. Offering a wide range of superlative wines and Champagnes, as well as an impressive supply from the New World, no meal needs to do without the typical refinement and elegance of a marvelous glass of wine.
With its full complement of knowledgeable staff, who have learnt the trick of being available without intruding, the beautiful interior and, of course, the manifold joys of the kitchen, a meal at Jade is to be savored. For a romantic dinner for two, a family lunch of many small pleasures or a business meal which demands excellence, Jade will surpass and delight at every turn. From starters to the final mouthful of sweet dumplings with sesame paste, a meal at Jade is one of exquisite delights.source


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