The relatively new Biopolis neighborhood is associated with science and research and, despite its many attractions, had been rather bereft of exceptional eateries until Infuzi opened its lustrous doors. There is no small amount of irony that it takes an eatery which alludes to the careful, near scientific art of 'infusion' to breathe life into the area.

This notion of art meeting science couldn't be more apt for the dining experience at Infuzi. At once elegant and modern, while creating the perfect environment in which to celebrate great food, the moment you find yourself in the light-infused interior, it's perfectly clear that this is a place which commands the senses. Chic and stylish, the shimmering glass walls bring a gently diffused brightness to the meal, especially at lunch. Dinner offers its own auric glow. Set beneath high ceilings and against woods and elegant contemporary chairs, diners will find their need for style amply fed. If it is true that you first eat with the eyes, then to take a table at Infuzi is already to have begun the meal. Although it would be a shame, and altogether silly, to sit down without ordering from Chef Freddie Lee's marvelous menu.

As the glowing, contemporary chic may suggest, the food can be broadly classified as Modern European. Many restaurants find this a useful banner under which to set about creating their menus, but at Infuzi this is a general guideline. Chef Freddie Lee, the resident culinary wizard, brings his specific vision of mouth-watering flavors to those who expect a meal marked out by nothing less than a genius for balance and nuance. You can expect flavors and influences to come from France and Italy, and touches from Asia. Dishes which require finesse and achieve their full effect through combing ingredients stand comfortably aside those which add the fewest details in order to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. And the menu reads like a prayer book of great ingredients. Whether you're partial to the superior marbling and melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness of Australian Wagyu Beef, or look to the ocean for your tasty treasures, they are there and proud. Well, they would be if they knew who was cooking them.

Rather than clutter the menu with too many choices and detract from the focus of preparing each dish to perfection, Chef Freddie Lee has opted to supply diners with a set menu and a select number of à la carte dishes. The lunch set menu is a finely tuned affair with a few options. Perhaps Mushroom Timbale with Arugula Salad will prove the ideal opener, and certainly a fine indicator of the deliciousness to follow. A main of Pan-Fried Salmon with a delicate Herb and Cream Sauce will satisfy any craving for saline sumptuousness while the Lavender-Lemon Cake is bound to strike the magical note that leaves you both satisfied and inspired.
Lunch, dinner, set menu or favorite dish, no diner will enjoy their meal without first taking a moment to marvel at the imaginative presentation of the food. From the contrasts of hearty game and meat with earthy accompaniments and miraculous sauces, to the playful swirls and angelic colors of the desserts, the presentation is an able indicator of the care with which each dish has been crafted.
For the serious gourmand, if there is any other kind, a lunch may simply be an inducement to that staple of ardent eaters everywhere, the languid, luxurious dinner. A chef of many faces, Freddie Lee has created a dinner menu which suits the golden hue of Infuzi at night. The dinner set menu offers magnificent treasures, from the likes of Vegetable Risotto with Pan-Roasted Spatch-Cock and Black Truffle Sauce to the robust magic of similarly roasted Rack of Lamb with Bell Peppers and Parma Ham Compote, not to forget the Pink Peppercorn Oil that binds it together.
The set menus offer a carefully considered journey through flavors, each course developing on the last, but they are not the only way to experience the delights from this very special kitchen. For many restaurants, the à la carte menu is often a token, supplying little more than a selection of dishes from the set menus. At Infuzi, there is a whole other taste adventure to be found à la carte. Pan-Roasted Challans Duck Breast with Black Truffle Sauce being just one of the tempting offerings that have earned Infuzi such praise. Indeed, this haven of toothsome delights has not only earned praise from its savvy, loyal diners, but won many awards. In the process landing itself at the top of some of the world's most prestigious lists.
Of course, as any knowledgeable diner knows, food and design are great companions, but by no means the only considerations for a fine dining establishment in a highly competitive market. A good wine list is a must and at Infuzi both casual drinkers and worldly oenophiles will find a well considered selection, offering excellent wines from around the world, with a particular focus on Burgundy and Bordeaux. In short there are wines loved and prized and those unexpected gems which, like the food, are sure to amuse while they're busy developing the depth of flavor in the food.
All of these qualities might be enough for even the most fastidious foodie, but only when bringing Infuzi's excellent service to the table, so to speak, is the infusion complete. If you have a special event, Infuzi will even arrange all the details for you. Whether it be flowers and table decorations or a special menu with paired wines, the spirit of Infuzi is to make sure that every valued diner gets to experience modern European cuisine in the most salubrious way.


Award-winning jet-setter and visionary, Yenn Wong, is a woman who has brought Singapore some of its most exciting and enticing restaurants. Hers is a vision which transcends common notions of fine dining, yet is informed by a traditional celebration of people, environment and the marvellous food which has always been a part of pleasurable living.

Her Graze restaurant in Rochester Park has been receiving awards and praise since opening its doors, and now, Kha, her latest restaurant, has established Ms. Wong as something of a conceptual culinary genius.

Located in the midst of HortPark, Singapore's green and leafy demi-paradise, Kha supplies modern iterations of authentic Thai cuisine. This is not Thai cuisine as you know it, rather, like the venue itself, it is cuisine defined by contrasts and innovation, all the while supplying the elusive element of unpretentious culinary sophistication. A sophistication which comes not only from creativity, but from a miraculous balancing of fresh and often contrasting flavours; a quality which is now something of a Kha trademark.

Like the food itself, the eatery is realized through contrasts between the modern and the old. You can expect a wonderful fusion of woods, both rustic and glossy, while the surrounding greenery makes itself known through generous floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows which gaze onto the lovely deck, a much coveted place for an al fresco meal.

Add into this mix of warm design and tropical verdancy, the sense of leisure that the venue invites and the stage is set for a relaxed meal. And the food certainly invites you take your time, sit back with a glass of wine, perhaps one of the playful and ever delicious signature 'mocktails', and wait for the next spicy delight to arrive from the remarkably talented kitchen.

Having worked in Phuket, among other places, executive chef, Matthew Lawdorn, brought his passion and skill with Thai and Asian food to Singapore. An award-winning chef, the menus at Kha are his creation. They display a flair for invention and playfulness. Along with his expert team of Thai chefs, each a master in their own right, the kitchen is a veritable magician's cauldron of fresh, spicy delights.

Tangy salads with the finest succulent fish are lifted into lofty lightness by delicate Asian touches and just the right balance of citrus, while the moreish magnificence of crab and prawn cakes with green mango salad, yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce is undeniable. Maybe the best way to experience the varied delights of Kha's seemingly endless supply of fresh produce and creative brilliance, it to opt for one of the set menus. Of course, you can always just order a plate of tasters while you spend sometime in the lush garden.

Like a beautifully composed piece of music, Kha is journey through pleasures. It offers that rare delight of being a place which doesn't rush you, which allows you to engage the environment and give over to the bursting flavours on the menu. The charm of the venue is all the more special when it becomes plainly clear that it's one with the passion for good living that drives the

il Lido

Those who live or have visited Singapore will undoubtedly have heard of il Lido. Located within the grounds of Sentosa Golf Club, it does take a small trip to get there, but those who make the effort are always rewarded.
Voted by Time Out Singapore as the restaurant offering the best meal with a view, it is perhaps not unfair to say that this chic and stylish modern Italian eatery is very special indeed; a long list of varied awards attest to the marvelous cuisine, superb hospitality, great design and a wine list which puts many other fine dining establishments to shame.

Boasting a beautifully conceived dining room, a stylish contemporary lounge bar and the famed deck, it's clear that managing director Beppe De Vito wants diners to shed the pressures of the distant world and relax into a leisurely experience which offers as many stages as it's possible to imagine. Aside from the marvelous green vista of the golf course, the deck supplies spectacular panoramic views of the South China Sea. With the profusion of fresh seafood dishes, the salty breeze does wonders to whet the palate.
Although being infused with a marine-tinged sophistication, there is a real feeling of family warmth that suffuses il Lido. From the moment you arrive to the final bite of the perfectly judged sweet morsel, it's plainly clear that il Lido is the product of those passionate about people and food.
Heading up the extraordinary kitchen is Executive Chef Giuliano Dacasto, whose culinary vision celebrates the heritage of Italian cooking while adding nuances here and there that place the cuisine firmly in a contemporary realm; which is not to say that fresh aromas, delightful textures and splendid ingredients are not observed in the tradition of an Italian kitchen mamma, simply that Chef Dacasto and his formidable team have brought their considerable experience to the table, literally, to supply nuances when they really work and improve on tradition. 

You can expect a variety of beautiful pastas and risottos, just as there is a world of choice for meat, fish and poultry lovers. The menu boasts 11 sections in all, supplying choices from the lovely salads they do so well and those ever tempting artisanal cheeses that perfectly round off a languid meal. 

Whether enjoying a postprandial glass of wine from the award-winning list, or you've just arrived to begin a night of great pleasures, try and catch the sunset. If there is view which can prepare the senses for a night of pleasures and good living, it is a sunset as experienced from il Lido's deck. Those looking to trump the remarkable charms of their last meal might consider booking the restaurant's very own private yacht.
With full catering for up to twelve and canapé-style tasters for up to 16 seafaring sybarites, the il Lido luxury catamaran is the height of maritime sophistication, and you get to eat all those delightful goodies too.

The Halia

Set amidst the Ginger Garden of Singapore's famed, beautiful Botanic Gardens, it is appropriate that the multi-faceted dining sensation that is The Halia should take its name from the Malay word for ginger.

Located in what is perhaps the most enviable spot in a country full of enviable spots, The Halia Restaurant and its adjunct Villa Halia have been created with the greatest reverence for the impressive, lush tropical nature which defines the ginger garden. Diners can enjoy a feeling of being situated in a secret space surrounded by tall palm trees, rich greenery and the special beauty of over 200 species of ginger plants.

All of this can be enjoyed through the full-sized glass windows that divide the sultry gardens from the cool, air-conditioned interior of the restaurant dining room. Those who prefer to soak in the sun's warmth, only have a few feet to go before they are on the sheltered, elevated wooden deck. The deck is the perfect place for an al fresco brunch on weekends, lunch, or even just a nourishing draught of beer. At night, the Halia transforms into a low-lit space of tropical romance; the only glow coming from the discreet lamps, candles and the silvery tint of moonlight.

On Sundays and public holidays, an a la carte brunch menu entices many to the fresh, cool gardens. A range of traditional breakfast and gourmet offerings fill out the menu, as well as a few tasty favorites from the lunch menu. Whether you're in the mood for muesli with fresh fruits and wild mountain honey or a truffle-scented egg white scramble with sturgeon caviar, there are few restaurants in Asia which offer such an alluring brunch venue like The Halia

Peach Garden

As most savvy travellers and knowledgeable gourmets known, Singapore is one the globe’s most revered fine dining destinations, supplying the best cuisine from around the world as a matter of routine. It’s probably fair to say that great food is more than a national pastime; it is part of the island-nation’s identity.
Whatever taste and whim dictates, you’ll find it in Singapore, from haute cuisine to local specialities. And there’s no doubt that you’ll find any number of establishments specializing in Asian cookery, but few, if any, have managed to reach the kind of heights that Peach Garden @ 33 seems ever so comfortable inhabiting.
Rather than bringing a hotel kind of experience to their valued diners, they seem to have jettisoned the impersonal and kept all the best bits of their collective knowledge. Peach Garden @ 33 is obviously a result of a passion for people, food and good living. This is made evident the moment you arrive in any of the restaurants, where you’re quickly made to feel welcome. Personal service is high on the list of qualities which have landed the trio of restaurants on many coveted lists for fine dining, including being awarded top spots in Singapore Tatler and Wine and Dine Magazine. 
Angela Ho and Veronica Tan’s approach is very hands-on. If you haven’t been warmly welcomed and seated by either one personally, it’s because they’re at one of the other branches and will be around soon to make sure that all is well, that diners are happily awaiting their next course from the magnificent menu of traditional and modern Cantonese delicacies. This rare sense that each diner is important simply because they have a passion for exceptional food is all the more charming for its contrast with the typically chic and elegant dining rooms. 

Song of India

Singapore's Best Restaurants range from the many fine eateries to be found in hotels, to those which tend towards a more avant-garde gastronomy, but few of them manage to reach the uniqueness and culinary heights of The Song of India. This wonderful place has only been open for a short time and has already shot through the ranks to become one of the Best Restaurants in Singapore, if not one of the finest Indian eateries in Asia.
Enjoying a luxurious location near the famed Orchard Road district of the main island, The Song of India takes a proud stand from a beautifully restored black and white heritage bungalow. The bungalow has more than a smattering of old colonial charm about it, a charm which is nurtured by the barely-tamed tropical vegetation which surrounds it. Coupled with the inviting teak pillars and pervasive elegance of the main and private dining rooms, it is clear from the first impression that every sense is in for a special treat.
With what seems like an effortless wave, the traditional style and trappings of an Indian eatery have been relegated to another time and place. The clichés of gilded artefacts and imposing iconography have been swept aside for a stylish invocation of the height of elegant grandeur. 

Christofle silverware and Riedel Sommelier crystal wine glasses are just two of the elements which work with the layered richness of the bungalow and the crisp white linen to develop the impression that this is dining fit for a Maharaja, one whose eye for style is of a contemporary sophistication. It is the word 'contemporary' which is vital to understanding The Song of India.
Like the beautifully rendered artworks of India's contemporary artists, which find their perfect spaces on the walls, the menu is all about taking from specific regional cooking techniques and traditions and revising them for a discerning modern gourmet.
Like those artworks which are both contemporary and distinctly Indian, there is never a doubt that what you are tasting is authentically Indian, even if every mouthful alludes to the imaginative vision of the culinary team. Master Chef Milind Sovani is the man responsible for what is now considered the finest Indian menu among all the Best Restaurants in Singapore.
His culinary vision has been widely recognized and has earned him a prestigious Hospitality Asia Platinum Award as the Best Asian Cuisine Chef in 2007, just one of the many accolades and awards which The Song of India has garnered since opening. 

Awards may promise a standard and lend their prestige to a kitchen and eatery, but they are never a substitute for experiencing a place firsthand. 

To this end, The Song of India lays a feast of choices before you, tempting you from brunch to dinner with a la carte and set menus. The set menus are not merely an exercise in enticement, but a well considered symphony of harmonious flavors designed to take you on a magical journey. 

Singapore's Best Restaurants are generally au fait with the demanding lifestyles of the country's business guests. Those who might have to demure from a leisurely dinner at The Song of India, can simply collaborate with colleagues and meet for a power brunch, an excellent way to enjoy the clean flavors of Chef Milind's unique regional revisions.

Brazil Churrasco

This is exactly what Brazil Churrasco has succeeded in doing in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. Since opening in Singapore in 1994, Brazil Churrasco has served more than a million customers in its restaurants in the 3 countries. This translates to a wealth of experience in preparing, organizing and managing the churrascaria business.
The reputation of Brazil Churrasco has spread by word of mouth from a most credible source - satisfied customers. This has resulted in frequent requests to open churrascarias in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan, Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries.
What is common in the requests is that these countries represent meat loving peoples. There is almost no better way to satisfy the demand for good quality meat in these countries than by providing customers with the healthy choice of barbequed meat, in unlimited quantities at a churrascaria.
Now you can also enjoy the unique Brazilian dining experience with either a small group of friends in the intimacy of your home or a large scale corporate function or private event at any indoor or outdoor venue, or even use of our restaurant.
We can customize the menu t suit your event or just select from our list of affordable catering packages. Our packages include a selection of meats and salad item with our chef and passador in attendance. All required crockery, cutlery and glassware are inclusive.
Full bar service and service staff can also be made available if required.


The best Singapore restaurants have among their number a few specializing in Chinese fine dining, but of these few manage to reach the imperial heights of Jade. Located on the first floor of the tasteful and luxurious Fullerton Hotel, Jade offers the most pleasurable of dining experiences

The refined, elegant interior design conjures a feeling of regal elegance from a gilded age. There is sense of the 1920s deriving from the rich materials, sumptuous lines and alluring hues. Black lacquered chairs of elegant design surround crisp white linen tables clothes while curved room dividers attempt to reach the high ceilings. Add warming tones of cream, gold and burnt orange and it's easy to imagine you've arrived at Shanghai's most cosmopolitan eatery, as it might have been before the 40s

While there is a kind of giddy pleasure in being transported to a different age of finer things, the best Singapore restaurants could hardly deserve their title if the milieu alone was the only measure of their excellence. The small island nation is, after all, one of the world's premier culinary destinations, filled with great chefs and the savvy gourmets who come to sample the infinite delights that the main island has in plentiful supply.
To earn a place on the list of the finest restaurants is no mean feat. Style and design are certainly part of the package, but it is really the quality of the food which elevates an eatery into this lofty category.
At Jade, diners can expect the kind of perfectly prepared morsels and dishes which speak to a bygone era of majestic luxury and endless pleasures, which is not say that the cuisine hasn't been treated to a touch of contemporary revision. A sampling of Foie Gras, or even a chocolate-infused chicken dish, might very well find its way to your table.
The formidable kitchen is under the command of Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng. He and his exemplary team have won awards for their efforts, in the process securing Jade a spot at the top of the list. Specializing in regional Chinese delicacies, with an emphasis on contemporary revisions of classic Cantonese dishes, Chef Leong Chee Yeng oversees an extensive menu of magical delights. Jade's Dim Sum are widely recognized as one of the most desirable culinary treats in the country. They are in such demand that Saturday and Sunday lunches have been given over to a Dim Sum buffet.
Gourmets who seek to sample the broad array of these immaculately crafted morsels, each realized like a small work of art, will delight at the 52 varieties of Dim Sum. The learned dim sum addict will know that there are far more to these little marvels than the steamed and fried dumplings which are often thought to suffice. At Jade you'll find dumplings, naturally, but you'll also find such rare delicacies as Double-Boiled Soup of Winter Melon with Bamboo Mushrooms and Taro Paste wrapped with Truffle.
If you're are a fan of dumplings, then you couldn't chance upon a better selection than the one at Jade. You'll find such tempting savors as Crystal Crab Meat and Crispy Prawn, each delicately crafted into a unique parcel of perfect presentation and moreish flavor.
Dim Sum may be the very thing to convince a diner of Jade's status as one of the Best Singapore Restaurants, but it is by no means the only offering on the menu. From delicious soups to rare Cantonese dishes which can only be created by a kitchen who have mastered their art, there is something to redefine your perception of Chinese fine dining. Perhaps the most prestigious and widely celebrated of all Chinese delicacies is the Peking Duck.
To reward the appetites of diners who are attuned to the untold magic of this near mystical meal, Jade offers a Pecking Duck Extravaganza. A full seven-course affair, each utilizing the finest duck in different ways, it is journey from beginning to end, one which is to be anticipated with relish.
From the decadent pleasures of Roasted Duck Skin with Marinated Orange Peel to Sautéed Carved Peking Duck with Pan Seared Foie Gras, you'll be able to enjoy contemporary iterations of a time-honored feast of imperial proportions. But you don't have venture down the seven-course path to enjoy Peking duck. Like pork and fish, you'll find it in many dishes. Duck Skin and Suckling Pig Skin are a marvelous way to start any meal, and are fortunately readily available.
The best Singapore Restaurants are known for their exceptional wine lists, and Jade is no exception. Offering a wide range of superlative wines and Champagnes, as well as an impressive supply from the New World, no meal needs to do without the typical refinement and elegance of a marvelous glass of wine.
With its full complement of knowledgeable staff, who have learnt the trick of being available without intruding, the beautiful interior and, of course, the manifold joys of the kitchen, a meal at Jade is to be savored. For a romantic dinner for two, a family lunch of many small pleasures or a business meal which demands excellence, Jade will surpass and delight at every turn. From starters to the final mouthful of sweet dumplings with sesame paste, a meal at Jade is one of exquisite delights.source


Diners who have yet to venture to the chic and sophisticated Forlino at One Fullerton, may not yet fully grasp the difference between Italian cookery and Italian fine dining. Forlino is the place in Singapore for those who hope to discover timeless regional Italian cuisine which has been elevated to the highest standards and, naturally, is quite delicious. 

One Fullerton is part of the formidable Fullerton Heritage development which is set to become Singapore’s hub of cultural distractions and cosmopolitan vibrancy, not least for its vaunted fine dining establishments. At the top of the list of reasons to venture to Fullerton Heritage is Forlino.
The restaurant itself oozes taste and sophistication, offering an opulent interior which leans towards classic sophistication and sets the tone for a gilt-edged romance - a romance which is perfectly suited to the marvelous offerings from the kitchen. 

Famed doyens of innovative style and aesthetic sumptuousness, Antonio Citterio and Partners, as well as equally renowned designers, Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders, have all contributed unique pieces to the environment which is one ofimpeccable taste. The interior design of Forlino is worth a visit in itself.

Before you get to your table in the 80-seater main dining room, or perhaps one of the three private dining rooms, you’ll find yourself walking down Forlino’s passageway, lined in black and white marble and elegant 19th century paneling; you’ll also have a chance to see the restaurant’s built-in maturation rooms, with their promising goodies on display through the glass.
Next you can cast a greedy eye at the 1000-label walk-in wine cellar, from where your chosen bottle will soon arrive. In all the dining rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows allow fantastic views of Marina Bay, while dark wood flooring, velvet drapes and antique carpets set the stage for an evening of warm sophistication and classical elegance. 

Add into the mixture of fine materials and spatial richness the specialist lighting from Flos and the beautiful furniture, and the only thing that’s needed for an unforgettable evening is food that justifies such sumptuousness. Fortunately, such food is in plentiful supply at Forlino, Indeed, it is the raison d'être of this much celebrated haven of Italian fine dining. 

When it comes to the cuisine, the menu and kitchen are under the eminently capable command of Chef Giuliano Dacasto. Preceding his arrival at Forlino, Chef Dacasto sharpened his knife in some of the finest kitchens in the world. He trained at the highly regarded Ristorante Le Calandre di Rubano, a Pavona restaurant which boasts no less than three Michelin stars. 

His career spans continents and reads like a trip through the most exclusive restaurants on the planet. Having brought his specific brand of culinary genius to Forlino, diners can take great pleasure in the fact that his passion is one which finds its way directly to the plate. Chef Dacasto’s vision is to bring Italian haute cuisine to discerning gourmets and hungry eaters who expect nothing less than the very best. 

Additionally, diners will know that every ingredient has passed the chef’s fastidious criteria for being without equal. Those ingredients which have not been matured or made on the premises are ingredients which are better sourced from Italy, from artisanal farmers who have been making the best of a delicacy for years. 

Italian fine dining exists in a realm of its own, and this is no more apparent than at Forlino, where every nuance of style, taste and culinary endeavor has been brought to life by those who celebrate life with passion and convey it through food. 

It is a passion which can be felt in every detail, from the personalized service which lends warmth and charm, to the last spoonful of that irresistible Italian dessert.



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