Brazil Churrasco

This is exactly what Brazil Churrasco has succeeded in doing in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. Since opening in Singapore in 1994, Brazil Churrasco has served more than a million customers in its restaurants in the 3 countries. This translates to a wealth of experience in preparing, organizing and managing the churrascaria business.
The reputation of Brazil Churrasco has spread by word of mouth from a most credible source - satisfied customers. This has resulted in frequent requests to open churrascarias in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan, Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries.
What is common in the requests is that these countries represent meat loving peoples. There is almost no better way to satisfy the demand for good quality meat in these countries than by providing customers with the healthy choice of barbequed meat, in unlimited quantities at a churrascaria.
Now you can also enjoy the unique Brazilian dining experience with either a small group of friends in the intimacy of your home or a large scale corporate function or private event at any indoor or outdoor venue, or even use of our restaurant.
We can customize the menu t suit your event or just select from our list of affordable catering packages. Our packages include a selection of meats and salad item with our chef and passador in attendance. All required crockery, cutlery and glassware are inclusive.
Full bar service and service staff can also be made available if required.


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