Diners who have yet to venture to the chic and sophisticated Forlino at One Fullerton, may not yet fully grasp the difference between Italian cookery and Italian fine dining. Forlino is the place in Singapore for those who hope to discover timeless regional Italian cuisine which has been elevated to the highest standards and, naturally, is quite delicious. 

One Fullerton is part of the formidable Fullerton Heritage development which is set to become Singapore’s hub of cultural distractions and cosmopolitan vibrancy, not least for its vaunted fine dining establishments. At the top of the list of reasons to venture to Fullerton Heritage is Forlino.
The restaurant itself oozes taste and sophistication, offering an opulent interior which leans towards classic sophistication and sets the tone for a gilt-edged romance - a romance which is perfectly suited to the marvelous offerings from the kitchen. 

Famed doyens of innovative style and aesthetic sumptuousness, Antonio Citterio and Partners, as well as equally renowned designers, Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders, have all contributed unique pieces to the environment which is one ofimpeccable taste. The interior design of Forlino is worth a visit in itself.

Before you get to your table in the 80-seater main dining room, or perhaps one of the three private dining rooms, you’ll find yourself walking down Forlino’s passageway, lined in black and white marble and elegant 19th century paneling; you’ll also have a chance to see the restaurant’s built-in maturation rooms, with their promising goodies on display through the glass.
Next you can cast a greedy eye at the 1000-label walk-in wine cellar, from where your chosen bottle will soon arrive. In all the dining rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows allow fantastic views of Marina Bay, while dark wood flooring, velvet drapes and antique carpets set the stage for an evening of warm sophistication and classical elegance. 

Add into the mixture of fine materials and spatial richness the specialist lighting from Flos and the beautiful furniture, and the only thing that’s needed for an unforgettable evening is food that justifies such sumptuousness. Fortunately, such food is in plentiful supply at Forlino, Indeed, it is the raison d'ĂȘtre of this much celebrated haven of Italian fine dining. 

When it comes to the cuisine, the menu and kitchen are under the eminently capable command of Chef Giuliano Dacasto. Preceding his arrival at Forlino, Chef Dacasto sharpened his knife in some of the finest kitchens in the world. He trained at the highly regarded Ristorante Le Calandre di Rubano, a Pavona restaurant which boasts no less than three Michelin stars. 

His career spans continents and reads like a trip through the most exclusive restaurants on the planet. Having brought his specific brand of culinary genius to Forlino, diners can take great pleasure in the fact that his passion is one which finds its way directly to the plate. Chef Dacasto’s vision is to bring Italian haute cuisine to discerning gourmets and hungry eaters who expect nothing less than the very best. 

Additionally, diners will know that every ingredient has passed the chef’s fastidious criteria for being without equal. Those ingredients which have not been matured or made on the premises are ingredients which are better sourced from Italy, from artisanal farmers who have been making the best of a delicacy for years. 

Italian fine dining exists in a realm of its own, and this is no more apparent than at Forlino, where every nuance of style, taste and culinary endeavor has been brought to life by those who celebrate life with passion and convey it through food. 

It is a passion which can be felt in every detail, from the personalized service which lends warmth and charm, to the last spoonful of that irresistible Italian dessert.


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